The World in Our Hands (2020)

A personal essay film about the nature of artistic creation, the process of social construction, and the responsibility that comes along with both. Created for FIL 690: The Essay Film, in partial fulfillment of a Film MFA at Syracuse University.


You & Eye (2020)

A personal, poetic examination of eye contact, social anxiety, and the nature of connection between self and other. Created for FIL 690: The Essay Film, in partial fulfillment of a Film MFA at Syracuse University.

Boy Story: Pixar, MeToo, and
Misogynistic Storytelling (2019)

A feminist critique of gender representation in Toy Story (1995) as well as Pixar's larger filmography, in which I draw connections from depictions of women in animation to reports of an unsafe workplace culture for women at the animation studio. Through this video essay, I aim to explore the complex relationship between art and artist in the context of the #MeToo movement. 


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