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After a disagreement with her mom, 8-year-old Natalie runs away — all the way to her backyard, where she meets a family of rabbits and decides to move in with them.
Songs are sung and friends are made in this sweet, funny short film about building trust, overcoming fear, and connecting across difference to make room for everyone.

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Episode 1

"The wonders life can do for those with open hearts couldn’t perhaps have been better elucidated than with Rabbits Under The Shed. A wonderful short for all, across all age groups and genders." 

Natalie in grass.jpg

Rabbits Under the Shed is a student-made, low-budget labor of love made by a team of nearly 50 young artists and storytellers, collaborating remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Thank you for supporting our hard work and
sharing the film with the little ones in your life!


Rabbits Under the Shed Episode 2
Coming Spring 2022

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